Digital Marketing

The marketing and online advertising of both OTC (Over The Counter) and Rx Only (Prescription Use Only) Medical Devices have come under increased FDA scrutiny over the past few years. With recent reactive FDA regulation interpretations, and guidance’s enforced as regulations, advertising and marketing in print and broadcast media, online, and especially via social networking all are being FDA monitored like never before.

With warning letters abound,the FDA is not just limiting their reach to OTC products.

As Rx only devices are promoted to consumers, to talk with their doctors about ‘significant pain reducing’, ‘faster recovery’, and ‘able to detect illnesses in the early stages’,  the FDA frequently takes action. Their actions can also result in an increase demand for inspection activity as well as additional oversight and review during concept market submissions.


How We Can Help

The CRO Group can assist with creating your company’s corporate or product identity website, social networking page, as well as targeted labeling and advertising associated with OTC required label comprehension and usability clinical studies. Our creative staff can generate content which conforms with the latest Agency interpretations and guidances, and is easy for you to maintain and update using the latest web and mobile tools. We can also swiftly review your content fo rregulatory compliance before going live.

The CRO Group uses propriety algorithms and an understanding of your prospects’ search habits to optimize your website and develop targeted search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns around your brand and products. As these tactics bring in new, qualified traffic, we develop a constant stream of content that answers the health questions related to your product, drawing in new customers and building both brand awareness and thought leadership.

Whether it is enhanced web copy, a company blog, customer testimonials or press releases, each piece of content that we generate augments our online reputation management (ORM) and public relations efforts. We stay ahead of changes in both search engine analysis and regulations, ensuring that your communications continually meet regulatory requirements and channel-specific strategic practices, whether you’re communicating through a website, Facebook or Twitter. We work closely with our clients to develop engaging online and social media campaigns that drive web traffic and event attendance, build brand equity and convert sales.